Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I had a good Christmas. It started with Eddie and I attending a local production of "Humbug" back around Thanksgiving. It was really good. I am becoming quite a fan of local productions.

Also my doctor let me put off my stress test until January. Every year for the past 5 years he has given me a stress test right at Thanksgiving. It took me so long to recover that it would mess up both my holidays. Unfortunately I have to take it in January. Not looking forward to it at all.

I have had too much salt as usual but I don't feel like I am at death's door because of it. That's an improvement. I had about 20 free Wendy's breakfast coupons to get the whole meal free. I threw away about 10 of them because I couldn't resist temptation anymore. Also I had about 10 coupons for free Chick Filet sandwiches. Between the two free meals I was getting the sodium was piling on the weight.

I didn't win the free truck again this year, but I had fun trying. Oh well, there's always next year.

I went to my mom's for Christmas. It was pleasurable. I enjoyed myself.

I took Eddie to Logan to see the Christmas in the Park display. It was great! We have one in Charleston but it isn't nearly as good as the one in Logan. We both enjoyed it very much.

I had my dream Christmas Tree of "Silver and Gold". I'll probably leave it up for awhile.

A neighbor gave me enough VCR tapes to fill up a whole trunk. I'll have plenty of movies to what while I hibernate this year.

I had my Chinese feast for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I didn't try the Peking Duck though. Maybe I'll do it for Easter.

My Story was published in the Charleston Gazette on Christmas Day. I didn't know it until the next day though when my aunt and uncle met me at the door telling me how much they loved my story. They gave me their newspaper clipping as well as a whole deer. I left most of it at their house but I will go back soon and give it out in the building and keep plenty for myself.

Eddie and I decorated the gazebo with Christmas lights. It is very pretty and I will post a picture if I can get one. I will leave the lights up until New Years.

I didn't get all my decorations up but I didn't let it bother me. Now I don't have to take them down either. I was able to relax and take it easy and still had a good time. Wouldn't mind doing it all over again.

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