Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, It Was a Productive Day....

....despite the fact that I am starting over after my latest A fib attack. As y'all know nothing revs me us like a good cause and I had one today. I mentioned in an earlier blog that there was a problem with the building bingo because they made a rule in the middle of the evening that no one was allowed to get any help.

We have residents here that are retarded and have alzheimer's and dementia and they NEED help. To take their money and not help them would not only be wrong but it would be criminal because the tenant council receives federal money. Since they receive this money they are required by law to assist anyone that needs it.

I attended my first tenant council meeting to point that out. I also made sure that I informed the building gossips that I was going to my first meeting ever just because of this. My ground work was successful. When the subject came up I spoke up. First I thanked the lady who normally helps these people for a wonderful job. She helps them to be nice. It is not required of her. Then I made the points that I made previously in this blog.

it was mostly unnecessary though because from my first sentence the woman who made that little rule was busy back pedaling the whole time. She tried to minimize what she had done and said that it was only done to make sure that everyone got help that needed it. You would have thought she was a professional politician by the way she was twisting what she had done.

I had people actually cheering my every word. I also informed them that if it continued to be a problem that I would appeal what they tried to do to whatever appeals process housing had. I also told them I had no problem writing to the editor of the local paper as well. I let them know I have had 3 articles published in the paper (I neglected to mention that they were fluff pieces)

Anyway the problem is solved I think. The woman who I thanked for taking care of the people actually thanked me for mentioning it. She and I don't speak so she was quite surprised to hear me do it but I believe in giving credit where it is due. A little bird also told me that she was upset because she thought I was going to complain that she continued to help one resident after the rule was made and not the other. But that was just a sideline problem. I was there to fry bigger fish and I did.

On the fun side, I was ready to take my nap when the local news said that Ringling Brother's was getting ready to do the elephant walk at 6pm. It was 5:30. I drove over to the train tracks that are less than a mile from my apartment. There they were! I had always wanted to see them walk from the train to the civic center and I did. There were about 7 elephants and 15 horses. Beautiful animals all.

I took video which I still have to learn to upload. I know I keep saying it but I have to have the mental capacity to do it and I just haven't been there lately. I get tired of reading directions 6 and 7 times and still not being able to remember what I need to do. But I'll get there.

Anyway, I was a good day. I'm worn out. I have my breathing tests in the morning.

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