Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Pictures from Earlier in my life

1. Granny Farley beside her house

2. Daddy and Becca (March 1986)

3. Becca (March 1986)

4. Mommy and Becca (April 1986) with the Chow named Clayton Meade Brennan. This is probably the day that Clayton ran off and mommy and daddy were so busy with Becca that they didn't go get him. They said he would come back on his own. He didn't. After that they said somebody stoled him?????

5. March 1986. My sister, Rhonda, is leaning on the back of my chair. I don't recognize the woman on the far side of the dining room table.

6. May 1983. My mom, Betty Brennan, and her sister, Edna Mitchem, at there Nurses Graduation Ceremony. That is my Aunt Edna with the big smile on her face. My mom is on the other side of her peeping around her.

7. Patty and Gerald Brennan, my Great Aunt and Uncle. That is probably their baby, Sarah

8. Me and Lisa, picture says March 1986, Looks like Lisa is opening a Christmas present to me.

9. Lisa, my brother's wife, and me at Christmas. Looks like Lisa is opening presents for Becca who was born 4 days before Christmas.

10. Daddy in one of his favorite positions with a bottle of pepsi in the foreground. March 1986

11. Granny Brennan, March 1986

12. Becca, March 1986

13. Daddy, probably at Jacksonville, WV

14. Mommy and Daddy, Sept. 1961?, from the background I would say they are on my Mom's parent's farm.

15. My Aunt Wanda with Jennifer and Jimmy, her children. That is my Mom and Rhonda in the background.

16. May 1986, probably a Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn Concert. My mom went to several. She quit going when Loretta was so drunk they had to carry her off stage and Conway had to come in and finish her concert. She also got Conway Twitty to autograph a dollar bill for her. Unfortunately I stoled her coin collection and sold it when I was a teenage screw up.

17. I believe that is Bunky and Toni on the outside of me in the middle.

18. That is probably Rebecca, my niece, but I am not sure.

19. Inside of card I bought my my mom when she graduated from nursing school.

20. Outside of card I bought my mom when she graduated from nursing school. I am glad that I found that. I don't remember acknowledging one of the most important moments of her life but obviously I did.

21. September 1981. Looks like a Farley reunion to me. (my mom's family) pictured form left to right are Aunt Mary Ann, Leslie Goldie (Bunky's husband), Bunky holding her baby (sorry, I don't know which one, Bill Sprouse (Toni's husband), Great Aunt Edna Ramsey, Granny Farley hiding behind Edna, Aunt Edna, Mike (Little Man) Mitchem, Toni Sprouse holding Stacey, Rhonda, Todd (fifi), Cousin Billy, Mom, Billy (my brother).

In the background is the famous little red toyota that I have blogged about in the past.

22. picture taken in Smokey Mountains. Probably outside of Gatlinburg, Tenn.

23. Aunt Edna and Uncle Don Mitchem at Granny Farley's on Christmas Eve. That's Billy on the right.

24. Envelope that my dad sent to my mom on Sept. 3, 1962. From the timing I would say that he sent it to her in honor of their first anniversary. He sent it from: ADJ3 541 63 66

Attack Squadron VA163

USS Oriskany CVA 34

c/o F.P.O. San Francisco, Calif.

He mailed it to my mom in care of her dad at Sarah Ann, WV. She flew back home from California with me so the family could see me for the first time. Daddy was gone to Japan on a ship. She said she flew on a rickety old plane that scared her to death. When she flew into Huntington, WV she had to go to the rest room so she asked a complete stranger (female) to hold me while she went. You could do that back in those days, she said.

Before she got back my Granny walked up and saw me with the woman and knew it was me from the second she saw me. She questioned the woman and she told her she was just holding the baby until the mother got back from the restroom. When mommy got back Granny was already holding me.

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