Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Color is his Money?

There aren't many black trainers in the dog business, just like there aren't many female ones. Anyway one day Bernard came to the compound to train. He was looking for a helper and I was looking for a job so we got together.

I went to the guard shack and all the guys wanted to know how I could work for a black man.

I asked them, "what color is his money?"

They said, "green."

I said, "that's all I care about."

Bernard and I proceeded to kick all their asses! (at the races - and that is all that matters in the dog business)

Years later Bernard and I ran into each other in Palm Beach. We were talking and his son was coming to meet him. He told me he had just gotten a divorce. When I asked what happened, he said, "when my boy graduated, his mom came to me and told me he wasn't my son. I divorced her and kept him. Afterall I already paid for him." hahahahhahahaha

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