Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back in Court again yesterday

nothing happened. I have a public defender now. she told me to call her before the next hearing on July 25. Apparently it is a three step process. No wonder it costs so much to run the courts. I would have been happy to say my piece and abide by the judges' decision the first trip but they wouldn't let me do that.

Because there was jail time involved (for supplying alcohol to a minor) I had to request a public defender the first trip. I spoke to her once on the phone. After explaining what happened to her she told me she would have to check the statute to see what it said about "knowingly" selling alcohol to a minor. She also said she could probably get me a pretrial deferment if I signed a paper saying it wouldn't happen again for 6 months. (which is certainly not a problem)

If that happens I would have to pay court costs of about 60 dollars which is acceptable. It is much better than the minimum fine of $152 up to $500 and jail time. I understand I dropped the ball so to speak so some punishment is warranted.

Anyway the 2nd. visit was just to plead "not guilty" which sucks because technically I am guilty. They FORCE you to actually lie. Anyway it should all be resolved the next trip, she said it was a three trip process.

Eddie went with me to help since I had such trouble the first time. I was having a good day so I didn't need oxygen going in like I did last time. He also carried the cans of beer and energy drink because me lawyer wanted to see them and "I thought" show them to the judge but that didn't happen.

I thought because I parked closer that I might be able to negotiate the stairs but by the time I walked from the parking garage I told Eddie I needed to use the elevator so he went off to find a policeman. There was one other lady there in a wheelchair. When the policeman came to take us on the elevator he started not to let me on it. After I explained I was on oxygen though there was no problem.

Much better than last time but it is a shame that a handicapped person has to wait in a waiting room after hunting down a policeman just to get to a court room. I guess they have their reasons for this. I guess it's a security risk to have an elevator just go to the floor where the court is but other courthouses don't seem to have this problem.

Anyway with Eddie's help everything came out fine. Then we went to his house and he grilled some melt in your mouth ribs...mmm mmm good.

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