Saturday, June 2, 2012

I found a baby bird

Yesterday I went to the park. When I got back home I called Eddie and went over there for awhile. When I was leaving his house I was surprised to find in the back of my truck a baby bird. It was terrified. It was fluttering about the back of my truck frantically trying to get out but it wasn't able to fly well enough yet.

I thought it came from the park and I knew the only chance it had to live was to take it back and hope it's mother would find it. I learned last year when the deer was trapped across from my house it was a waste of time to call the department of natural resources.

I didn't want to get hurt on my way back to the park. I was afraid it would manage to fly out of the back of my truck and end up in the road so we trapped in inside a box. I was on my way to the park with it when I thought, "wait a minute. You went home first and there is probably a bird's nest in that tree next to the truck." So I went home.

As soon as I got out of the truck I saw a mother bird frantically calling her baby and hopping from tree to tree. I took the box and opened it next to the tree hoping the baby bird would just get onto the branch of the tree. It panicked and tried to fly and ended up on the ground next to a van.

I left it there for a few minutes as the mommy and daddy birds were calling to it and it was calling back. I was in a dangerous place for traffic so I corralled it back to the tree. I was careful not to touch it. Just walking toward it from the opposite direction was enough to get it to move. Finally it was at the base of the tree and I settled down to watch the happy reunion.

Then a family came out of the building and walked past the tree. They were unaware of the baby bird and I hoped it would stay put because it was on the other side of the tree. It didn't. It got spooked and skittered off and ended up in the base of a central air conditioning unit. There was nothing I could do at this point.

I went back and checked a couple of times. I could hear the baby chirping under the air conditioner and the parents were still chirping in the tree. The last time I went out I didn't see or hear any of them so I hope they finally had their reunion. More than likely though the air conditioner kicked on with the bird in there and I don't want to even think about the result from that.

I couldn't turn the air off because it is a unit for the whole building. I did my best. That's all I could do.

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