Friday, June 8, 2012

June Good Deed Alert

My aunt and uncle cleaned out their freezers again today. They gave me the food and I gave food to 10 different people in the building.

It does my heart good to see Sam and Art in their motorized wheelchairs. Both chairs were donated to them. I used to watch Sam struggle with every step he took to get from his apartment to the bench downstairs or even to go to Rite Aid across the street. This has gone on for the past year. I watched Art go everywhere he wanted to go in a regular wheelchair. (Art has no legs). He never let it stop him. He pushed on and did anything he wanted to do. Now they both have complete freedom in motorized wheelchairs and to see how it has changed their lives is a wonderful thing.

My aunt and uncle have also donated so many clothes and had relatives and friends donate clothes to people in the building. (including Art and Sam) that everywhere I look now I see clothes that they are responsible for donating and it didn't cost anybody anything. Actually it cost my aunt and uncle money because they would go pick up the clothes and in many cases give me gas money to come to their house to pick them up.

My uncle also gave me a whole computer complete with printer and scanner. He also gave his cousin Dorothy Jean a computer. In turn Dorothy Jean has donated some of the most beautiful clothes to people in the building as well as a 19 inch television that I gave to Sam.

All you have to do is go through your closets and give things you don't want anymore to people in need. I have also taken shoes to the battered women's shelter. They needed them so bad that I was almost mobbed. Those women leave home with just the clothes on their backs and on their kid's backs.

It doesn't take money to help people out.

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