Saturday, October 24, 2009

Calm Down!

A couple of years ago Shane and I were working at Fruth one evening before Halloween. I like to demo costumes and I decided to do a little Halloween make-up. I did my face to look like I was in a fight or carwreck or something. It was very realistic and my customers were freaking out about it.

As the evening evolved so did our story. We were telling people that we had an arguement and Shane beat me up. One of my regular customers came in and when he saw me he asked me, "Who did that to you!?"

I was in full joking mode and told him that Shane did it. Then I saw the storm clouds gathering on the guys face. He was furious. He said, "He was going to take care of %$%^^%##&&%%^##!!!!" He added, "he doesn't know what I do for a living! I WILL take care of this."

When I saw how mad he was I started to deny the story and I could see he didn't believe me. He thought I was a typical female covering for her man or something. The more I denied it the more he got worked up. Finally I had the presence of mind to smear the make-up to prove that I was not hurt. I did thank the man for his concern though and it was nice that one of my customers actually cared enough to come to my defense.

I guess I should become a Hollywood Make-up Artist or something. Shane had no idea how close he came to getting his hiner kicked that night. I did not tell anybody else that story either.

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