Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Favorite Halloween

I have had a lot of good Halloweens. My last really good one was my dad's last Halloween. I picked him up at the nursing home and took him to dinner at the Waffle House. He loved it because he got to eat biscuits and gravy and other food that he wasn't supposed to have. Then I took him to the house.

He sat on the porch all evening giving candy out to trick or treaters. They would get 2 or 3 pieces and he would get one. He was a diabetic but he knew that I wouldn't say anything because of the holiday. He loved giving candy to the kids. He had his yorkie,Katie, with him. She was dressed up in her devil costume which said "Killer" on the shirt. Katie and Nikita (our other dog) would absolutely go nuts every time a trick or treater came on the porch. Daddy loved hollering at her not to bite anybody and having to keep her under control. He knew that she was prone to sneaking up behind people and biting them on the back of their ankles.

We laughed alot that night, both at the dogs and the kids. I took him back to the nursing home at the end of the night. He had just as good a time as I did.

He died 4 days later.

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