Monday, January 18, 2010

My $83.00 Keyring

First of all why on earth do I need or even have a keyring that cost me $83.00? Because I am an idiot that's why. I keep it as a reminder not to do anything so stupid ever again.

I dearly love it - but not to the tune of $83.00. It is one of those Lavella Link keyrings which were more commonly sold as charm bracelets and were mega popular a couple of years ago. We sold them at Fruth for $2.95 per link. The keyring attachment cost an extra $5.00.

Now the truth. The value of my keyring is $83.00. I actually paid around $40.00 but that is still too much money. Most of my purchases were made with my megaChristmas discount of 40% off. I bought at least $10.00 worth when they discontinued them and sold them for 15 cents apiece. So now I have 3 bracelets and the keyring. Occasionally I'll hook all the bracelets together and make a nifty headband out of them. However my hair gets tangled in the links and it is a nightmare to take it off with out losing a substantial portion of my long tresses, so I rarely do that little trick.

Now Fruth is carrying these little rows of beads. They are knockoffs of "Troll beads" which are supremely popular right now. Each bead is $5.00 with some costing as much as $8.00 apiece. Everytime I get the urge to fondle one of those lovely little beads I just pull my keyring out and smile at it. Do I want to get addicted to those little purties like I did the links? I think not. I haven't bought one yet. Hopefully I have learned my lesson.

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