Thursday, January 21, 2010

She Actually Ran Over My Hair

I loved to roller skate as a kid. We started out in our basement and quickly graduated to roller derby status. (we didn't know how to play anyway but rough!) Skating rinks were fun to socialize in but no skating allowed there. Once my cousins and I turned 16 we discovered the joys of skating in the park. We had one mile long stretch that was great to skate on.

Of course just skating wasn't good enough for us. Getting pulled by a vehicle was the ultimate. We didn't just go along at a few miles per hour - we (especially me) liked to get pulled along at 30 or 40 miles per hour. One day my cousin Jane was driving my horizon. There was no way to hold on to the back, so we rolled down the back window and I was holding on to the side.

She was cruising along somewhere over 20 mph when all of a sudden she sees a couple of cute guys and slams on the breaks. I WENT DOWN. I was still holding the window frame but I was lying parallel with the car looking directly at the back wheel. I WATCHED IT RUN OVER MY HAIR!

Fortunately she realized what she had done and speeded back up instead of coming to a complete stop. Her presence of mind probably SAVED MY ASS! The motion of the car pulled me back up like nothing had happenned. At which point she proceeded to a leisurely stop. I never did get pulled by a car or truck again. If my hair would have gotten tangled in that wheel, my face would have been ground into hamburger. It was not a pleasant prospect.

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