Sunday, January 24, 2010

One For My Ghost Hunting Friends

You have heard my Fruth ghost stories. I have a new one ... or do I?

About 5 minutes before the robbery my cellphone started to ring. I was busy with a customer and I couldn't answer it. The phone was still lit up when I went to check it to see who had called. It was on the message screen but there was nothing on it. I thought this was odd because my phone is not set up to ring for messages so I went to check my received calls to see who had called me.

The last call listed was one I had picked up the day before. I went to the message screen. The last message I received was the standard message I get from safelink at the first of every month. There was no record on my phone (I even checked the dialed calls) of a call coming in.

At the time I thought, "how weird," but that was the extent of it. Now I wonder...

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Hill said...

Who are you gonna call?