Sunday, January 24, 2010

We all have PTSD

I went to Fruth today. I can't imagine why I forgot to buy catsup last night! (haha) The employees that were there last night are all dealing with a little trauma today. Poor Tina (the cashier who actually had the gun in her face!) is a basketcase. She called in sick as did another employee. We all understand of course.

Anna and I talked through everything. (we were up front during the robbery together) She is worse off than I am. I am having natural stress reactions today which is worse in a way than last night was. I was having to deal with my heart and breathing problems last night. I'm an old pro at that by now.

The police and corporate are pleased with all our reactions to the robbery. No one confronted the robber. We took in as much information as we could and tried to get customers to safety.

One of the new girls, Karen, was surprised that the pharmacist just handed over the pills. I told her nothing in the store is worth your life. Cooperate, give them what they want and they will hopefully leave - which is what happened. They were in the store for probably less than a minute from start to finish.

No one is hurt (physically). We are blessed. It is just going to take a few days for it it sink in.

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