Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Temper! Temper!

I used to play softball in both junior and high school. I was a horrible fielder but that didn't matter because I could hit any pitch - good or bad - anywhere that I wanted it to go. I struck out 3 times in 6 years (twice in one game! I thought the world was going to end that day.)

In my senior year I was up against a pitcher that deliberately tried to hit me with a pitch. I couldn't let this pass. It was time to teach her a lesson. The very next pitch I hit a line drive that I aimed directly at her face! She ate the dirt. I am actually glad that she hit the dirt because if that ball would have hit her, it would have killed her. I hit it so hard that it probably would have exited out the back of her skull. After the umpire warned me to never do that again or I would be ejected, I was walked. She was too afraid to pitch anything but an outside ball to me after that.

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