Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Greatest Accomplishment...

had to be the clubhouse we built one year. It was the summer of the 5th. grade and we had just moved into the new house that my parents had built and there was all kinds of scrap lumber left over. So me and Billy and Rhonda and Rusty and Sissy decided to build a clubhouse.

This was no ordinary clubhouse. It was a masterpiece of architecture (even though it actually looked like a shanty) We not only had a second floor but we had a balcony that extended over the riverbank. The actual house was about chest high to a fifth grader. We of course had a ladder (sometimes a ramp - but it kept breaking) to the second story. Part of the second floor was under roof also. We spent the entire summer building this clubhouse.

Even when we ran out of lumber we kept pounding nails into it. There was one board that was comprised entirely of nails. It looked like a sheet of metal. One day I was sitting on the balcony and it collapsed underneath me. It didn't go crashing to the ground though, it just kind of swayed to the side and I rode it down to the ground.

Then there was the infamous hammer incident. I threw the hammer to Sis one day and it hit her on top of the head. Luckily she lived although I still hear about it to this day.

The most awful day was the day my mom made us tear it down. I had scratched my back on one of the many nails that poked through the boards. That was all the excuse she needed to destroy the greatest thing we ever built! That was also another thing that I still hear about to this day because my back was the offending culprit that instigated the "big tear down"..

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