Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Last Time I "changed" a Flat

I was living on my 100 acres and I had just finished mowing a field and taking care of my animals on a blistery, hot, summer day. I was going in the house to clean up and crash for the day when I happened to see that the tire on my car was about 1/2 deflated. I knew that it wouldn't take long for it to flatten the rest of the way so -

I went in the house and took a quick shower and put on a nice outfit and did my make-up and hair. I went out and got into my car and drove about a mile to the grocery store where I parked on the end of the parking lot right next to the road. I went around to my trunk and I threw my spare on the ground, then I threw the tire iron on the ground and I was bent over in the trunk TRYING to get the jack out when a very nice looking man stopped and asked if I needed help. OF COURSE I SAID YES!

As I was standing there talking to him while he changed my tire 3 more men stopped to ask if I needed help. I thanked them all while the first one changed my tire for me after which I thanked him profusely.

The only problem with the whole thing was that I REALLY wanted the 2nd. man to change my tire. But of course I couldn't be rude and send the first one away.

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