Thursday, April 1, 2010

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS/a plea for a kidney (for a friend)

Everyone in my building lives there because of some sort of disability. Every now and then you meet someone who makes you want to count your blessings. I have a friend with complete kidney failure. This means he has to be hooked to a dialysis machine for 10 hours a day 7 days a week. Once he gets off the machine he is too weak to even walk across the room. At the end of the day he takes 23 different pills. He can't take them before dialysis because they will just be flushed out of his system. He just got out of the hospital AGAIN after yet another surgery.

In spite of all this he is very pleasant to talk to. Even jovial I might say. He laughs and jokes and is a very nice person. The good news is he is on several hospital waiting lists. The bad news is that most hospitals have their own waiting lists - there is no national kidney registry. I was very surprised to learn this.

Anyway he is looking for a kidney donation from someone with an O negative blood type.


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