Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I've Been Doing for the Past Month

I started out the month hibernating. I am soo glad spring is here finally.

I gave up the key to the computer room. A woman came in and threw a fit on me because I wouldn't let her leave with a mouse and the powers that be did not want to do anything about it. I informed them as I did her when she threw the fit that I didn't take that kind of talk from anybody and I handed over the key to the supervisor. Unlike most of the people in the building I have transportation and it is no big deal to run to the library to use the computer. They also lend DVD's for free or $1.00 for 3 days. That's a great deal and I have been watching lots and lots of movies.

Me and Eddie have been hanging out alot. We are getting much too close for my own good. (sigh) We laugh alot.

I had to endure the dreaded walk to the tax department not once but twice but I DID IT! It knocked me out of commission for about two weeks but I did it and that's the main thing. The last time I had to do it I ended up in tears and I was completely killed for over a month so that is a big improvement.

Fatty Catty has been having trouble with her eyes but overall she is in good health. She really enjoys the heating pad that I got for her.

I lost between 10 and 15 lbs after the robbery. I am trying to maintain the loss. I am no longer on anti anxiety meds either. I still don't have normal reactions to stress but hopefully with time that will change.

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