Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Sundays Growing Up - stolen from MickeyFez

Sunday was the only day of the week we were allowed to sleep late. My mom would usually have a humongous Sunday Breakfast ready around 10 in the morning. I talking about a feast that would rival any restaurant buffet today. If I woke early I would usually read until breakfast was ready. I would try to get out of eating in my teen years to try to help my weight but that was the only meal of the week that the whole family ate together (unless there was a holiday).

So I would march downstairs and gorge myself on homemade biscuits and gravy and pork chops with red eye gravy and bacon and sausage and potatoes and eggs and molasses made with mom's special touch. Sometimes there would be fried chicken and pancakes and fruits and juices with a variety of jellies and jams and butters. There was too much food for any one family but we would put it away with no problem.

Then my sister and I would have to do the dishes. That later developed into me doing the dishes and she would just come back in after the dishes had air dried and put them up. Even if I used the dishwasher my mom wanted them washed first - I still don't have much use for a dishwasher to this day. I don't see the point of washing them so it can wash them again.

If we stayed home we would go next door and try to roust Rusty and Sissy out of bed. Then the fun would start. Bicycles or Olympics or Monopoly or Basketball and Baseball thrown in for good measure. Mom basically dared us to come back in the house before dinner which would be as equally impressive as breakfast had been.

Almost every weekend if we didn't stay home my mom and my sister and sometimes my Dad and brother would go shopping. We had our favorite stores like Sears and Hills but there were plenty of specialty shoppes we would hit along the way. I always had a big, ole T-bone steak at Ponderosa drowned in mushrooms. We would go home exhausted and finish the day with the Wonderful World of Disney or later on Sixty Minutes. Somewhere in all that I had to read my book a day. I almost always met that goal too.

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