Friday, May 21, 2010

OK, I Admit It!

I won the orgasm contest when I went to a Chip n Dale's Show a few years ago. At the time I was mortified. They called me and 2 other women to the front for a "contest". I eagerly went up. Then they said moan like your having an orgasm! The best one wins (the audience voted). I won.

They must have liked something about me. They kept giving me free drinks. I tricked them though. I only went in there with 20 dollars. (that included admission) I knew that I couldn't control my spending once I had a few drinks so I left my money at home. I didn't factor in them giving me free drinks. I lost count of the vodka sours that I had. One of the dancers came out and made out with me in the audience. He looked like "John" on "One Life to Live".

I guess they liked my enthusiasm!

That was also the last time that I ever drove drunk. I am lucky I made it home alive and didn't kill anybody. I remember driving home (barely). What I do remember quite well is being on my balcony and bouncing from the rail to the side of the house while trying to look at the moon. (The balcony was 10 or 15 foot wide!)

Not my proudest moment, and it was 10 years ago, so don't waste your time and mine scolding me!

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