Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Fine Water Fountain Mess I've Got Myself Into

You would think I would have learned from my little water fountain pecadillo of last year. But I didn't...

I went out last night to enjoy the fountain to discover that it had rained so much that the head of the fountain was covered up and could no longer pump water...which means the pump will burn up.

Now I have already been warned to stay out of the fountain this year but this was a fountain emergency.

I got a bucket and started to bail. It took a long time because my heart has been giving me problems ever since I went swimming Sunday but I was determined to get the water level down. I would scoop 10 buckets and rest and so on and so on. Eddie and another friend came out to help me. They mostly bitched though and I told them to leave me alone. We finally got the water level down.

The sprayer still wasn't spraying though. I had to operate.

I got some toothpicks and started to clean each jet on the head of the sprayer. It worked some but not enough. I decided to try to screw off the head (which if it had been properly installed I should not have been able to do). It worked! Off came the head and lovely water gushed forth from the pipe.

This should have been good enough for me but I am a perfectionist I guess. Plus the closer I put things to right the less likely I was to get into trouble. I cleaned the head. I tried to put it back on but as you know it is next to impossible to attach something to a spouting water head. But I managed.

The jets were so clean that the water was now spouting over the sides of the fountain. I have no way to turn the pressure down. So all night long water was shooting over the side of the fountain. But it's fixed!

I just talked to Harold the maintenance guy and told him what I did. I am not in trouble. He is pleased that I got the jets so clean. I am pleased that I won't be written up. I saved the fountain.

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