Monday, June 28, 2010

Jackie Macadoo

Jackie Macadoo was a greyhound.

Jackie Macadoo left a huge scar on my right forearm!

Here's how it happenned...

I had taken over a new kennel. The first thing you do in a new kennel is bench all your dogs so you can find out if anything is wrong with them and to get to know them. General grooming is also important - routine things like cleaning ears, cutting nails, just whatever the dog needs done in general.

I got Jackie out of her crate. She was a sweet tempered little dog, really pretty, white with big, red spots. The first thing I noticed was that she had the longest nails of any greyhound I had ever seen and I had cut the nails of thousands of dogs by this time in my career. I got the nail clippers and bent over to pick up her paw and SWZSHH, ZIPSH,SLISCH,WHIP!!!! WITH LIGHTNING SPEED I WAS ATTACKED BY ZORRO HIMSELF!!!

I jumped back. Jackie raced back to her crate and I looked down at my arm. I had a 10 inch gash all down the center of my forearm that was bleeding profusely. I grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding and put Jackie back in her bed. I could see she was terrified and I didn't know what had hit me. I cleaned the wound and started ampicillin because I knew I probably needed stitches but I wanted to avoid that at all costs (I hate needles) To this day I have a scar down my forearm that some people have asked me if I had needle tracks it is so bad. Now that adds insult to injury when I hear that question.

Anyway I waited until the next day and I had my helper hold Jackie Macadoo in the air while I cut her nails. By holding her up she wasn't able to get any leverage to do any further damage to me or my help. It was necessary to cut her nails because nails that are that long can cause a dog to get a broken toe or worse on the track.

You know what they say, "still waters run deep."

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