Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Year When They Shut Down Yahoo 360, I Was Getting 5000 Hits A Day From Iranians Trying To Get Word Out About the Elections.

These people realize that they are fighting a battle for freedom within their own country that they have to fight for themselves. What they are asking for is publicity so that the world knows what their government has done. The protests started with an election that most of the reporting precincts had over 3 times as many votes as registered voters in the precinct. The result making the election overwhelmingly in Amoudinajab's favor.

They are still trying to get out word today.

What really surprised me was the number of women in the protests. I had many more pictures but I had to delete them because you could see the protesters faces and the Iranian government was actually killing the protesters of the people they saw on the internet. On the third day of the protest Twitter became an important part of people sending out messages about where the protests would be held. By the 7th. day the Iranian government had caught on and had started to send out false tweets of their own. By this time people in the know knew which tweets they could trust and which were fake but one by one people had to withdraw their protests in fear of their lives.

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