Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Best Birthday Cake Ever...

...aside from the Raven Coconut Cake that my mom used to make for me every year when I was a kid was not even my cake. My friend Dave was having a birthday and Gail, his wife, was out of town so I bought one of those small Walmart Birthday Cakes and took it over to their house.

Shaun, their son, and I went into his room and put 48 birthday candles in the cake. There was barely room for them on top of the cake. Then we hollered for Whitney, Shaun's sister, and we proceeded to light the cake. By the time we were 3/4 through lighting the candles it was obvious that we had a major problem on our hands! While I finished lighting the candles, Whitney and Shaun were busy moving all flammables out of the way of that flaming torch of a birthday cake! At the same time we were all screaming for Dave to get in there before the room went up in flames!

When Dave got to the bedroom he yelled out in complete disbelief and shock. He jumped in and started blowing out the candles, with help from all of us, and he actually had to beat the candles and cake a little to put out the conflagration! There were actually a few seconds when we wondered if we would be able to put out that fire! However we did manage to put out the fire and while everyone was laughing I was chipping the candle wax off the top of the cake because all the candles has melted down to little nubs on top of the cake.

As bad as it looked though, THE CAKE TASTED GREAT!

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