Monday, July 12, 2010

The Difference Between Lonliness and Being Alone

I live most of my life alone. I enjoy it. I do what I what, when I want and how I want. Most importantly I don't do what I don't want.

I watch a TV show or see a reference in the media to people eating alone in restaurants and other activities and these people are always portrayed as lonely, pitiful individuals craving something more. I frankly do not understand the concept. I have no problem doing anything that I want to do.

I always said that I didn't want children. I hear the media commenting about views like this as something new. Most of the girls I was close friends growing up with do not have children and the ones that do were mostly accidents. We all enjoy children as long as we can give them back when we are finished enjoying them. We have all the love and none of the responsibility which is the best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned.

I listen to my friends complain endlessly about their husbands and children and they never do anything about changing the situation. Of course they also say they love them and wouldn't take anything for them too. Personally I was happily married and I hated to see my marriage end. I don't remember complaining about my husband while married either, but then again we were also best friends.

People think I should be lonely but I'm not. On the rare occasions that I do feel a pang of loneliness I just get out of the house and go see someone that I would like to see. I feel kind of guilty that I don't feel lonely but I certainly am not feeling guilty enough to do anything about it.

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