Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Have Witnessed a Man Walking On Water...

actually he was running on water.

When I lived in Florida I was homesick a good bit of the time. One day I received a collect phone call from someone I did not know but I accepted it anyway because I knew from the accent it was somebody from home and I was curious. It turned out that my brother had sent a driver from WV to Florida and told him to call me when he got to West Palm. Unfortunately my brother neglected to inform me that he had done this. (which was completely in character)

Another funny thing about the situation is that Danny (the caller) called me collect even though he was only 3 miles from my house. I went and picked Danny up and he was at my house for 2 weeks before my brother bothered to show up to get him. Danny was as country as a West Virginia country boy could be and Bobby and I enjoyed showing him around Florida. He was like a big kid.

One day we took him to the beach. At first he refused to put on swim trunks, insisting that he wear his cutoffs and his hunting boots to the beach. After we got there he decided that he should have worn the swim trunks which was OK because I knew he would change his mind and I packed him a pair.

After changing in the brush he joined Bobby and I in the ocean. It took him awhile to get the nerve to come out past the foam on the beach. Gradually he made his way out to where Bobby and I were just past the breaking waves. Once he started to get comfortable Bobby and I decided to play the old "SHARK!!!" game. You know the one, the one where you scream, "SHARK!!!" and start swimming for shore as fast as you can.

Poor Danny's reaction was priceless! He turned 30 shades of pale and I swear to you that he actually sprang out of the water and literally ran across the surface to actually beat Bobby and I to shore. It was great!!!

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