Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mikey was the son my dad never had

I should clarify, I guess. My dad had a son, Billy, who was the apple of his eye. Mikey worked for daddy from the time we were in high school (we were in the same grade). He became my dad's right hand man and in many ways he treated him just like he was one of his kids.

Mikey was with my dad more years than I can remember and he ran the show when daddy wasn't around - even if one of us kids was working for him. At first he didn't care for me because I was the "bosse's daughter". Later he told me that I was nothing like he expected and we became close friends.

Mikey got the same Christmas presents we did. He got the same amount of money for his birthday. He got the same time off for his family that we did too. He got the same wedding present we did and when his daughter was born daddy paid the hospital bill in addition to giving he and Mitzie presents for the baby.

He started out as a lot boy. He became the chief detail man (which was a rare job to have back in the 70's and 80's) He did the job right too - down to the buffing and polishing of the cars. He could make any car shine both inside and out. Now if you go get your car detailed it basically means a good cleaning. People don't really know what a good detail man does. They can take the biggest junker in the world and make it look fresh off the factory line.

Mikey became an expert in all things car. He also became a good friend - not an employee. I can't count the times he bailed me out of situations with cars as well as personal stuff. One time I rented a mustang convertible and came to WV from Florida. I scratched the fender and I knew if I went back to the rental company they would bill me thousands of dollars. I went straight to Mikey. When he heard I scratched the car he laughed at my predicament and once he saw the scratch he started laughing even harder. He went into his shop (he owned his own place by this time). He got 50 cents worth of rubbing compound and a rag and poof, 3 seconds later the scratch was gone. He saved me a couple thousand dollars!

He also helped me countless times after I left my husband and when I was taking care of my dad (when my brother wouldn't lift a finger for daddy). Mikey's a great guy. Some woman will be lucky to get with him someday.

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