Friday, November 12, 2010

Children Don't Turn Into Giant Spiders

"My baby! My poor, poor baby," I squealed in terror. I couldn't believe my eyes. My precious child was a spider again...

This had been going on for weeks. I didn't know how or why but I would go to take care of my beautiful little girl and a giant spider would be in her bed. Then magically the spider would disappear and my Emily would be back again.

I didn't know what to do. I was terrified of spiders. If my Emily was some sort of demon child I couldn't allow it. I know in the back of my mind this is impossible. Childeren don't just turn into giant spiders. I needed help.

The other day was almost too close. I went so far as to take a frying pan and swat the durn thing. Fortunately I missed because when I looked into her crib again there was no spiider - just Emily - crying. I picked up my child to soothe her. I wasn't one of those parents who let their baby lay and cry. No, not me. Not my Emily.

...there it is again. A huge, hairy, long legged, black spider sitting where my baby should be. A scary creature except for those innocent, big, blue eyes that followed me around the room.

Then it moved. I just about jumped out of my skin. I hate those furry little bastards and this was no ordinary spider. It was about a foot across from ene to end and it was in my baby's crib. "She's in danger! I can't let it hurt her! I can't see her. Oh gawd, she has to be underneath the thing! I have to save her!"

I gathered all my courage. I looked around for something, anything to kill that spider!

"Emily, Oh Emily, I'm coming baby, mama's coming." I picked up a newspaper. I rolled it up and I smacked the thing. I smacked it good. And then it was gone. It just wasn't there anymore and my baby, Emily was laying there crying.

Poor thing, I picked her up. She must be terrified having a spider on top of her like that. I cooed and I petted her. "Mommy will protect you Emily, don't you worry, that bad, bad spider won't hurt my baby."

I checked her for spider bites. She seemed to be fine except for a deep, red, welt along her chest and shoulder. What was that from? A spider bite doesn't look like that...

Horrified, I realized how that angry mark had got on my child. I had missed the spider. I had hit my baby. "I'll kill that spider," I thought to myself as I squealed in rage - "I'll kill it! Making me hurt my Emily like that."

I put Emily back in her crib. I started to tear her room apart. No stuffed animal was left unturned. " I'll find that damned spider! " I looked at Emily again.

There was the spider again.

That giant, hairy, black spider was attacking my baby again. She was crying. I rushed to her and yanked that spider. I had to get it off my baby. I flung it to the side of the crib! "Oh, no! What have i done? What's wrong with me?" I started to wail. Emily was lying to the side of her crib. She was lying there in a controted little ball. I was afraid to touch her. My baby's hurt. "don't move her, you could make it worse," I told myself.

I rushed to call 911.

"911, what's your emergency?" I heard a voice ask over the phone.

"It's my baby. She's hurt, please hurry!" I cried to the operator.

"You're baby's hurt mam? What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know, I'm afraid if I move her she'll get hurt worse. You have to hurry! You have to get somebody here to kill that damned spider!"

"Spider, mam?"

"Yes, she was attacked by a giant spider. I have been trying to kill a spider in her crib for the past week." I looked over at Emily. She was gone! There was that spider again.

"Oh, no! Not again!"

"Not again. Mam, what's happening?"

"Emily's gone I told the operator. It's the spider. It's back, It's on top of her again. I can't see my baby. I've got to save her!" I strode quickly to the side of the crib.

"Don't touch that baby!" A strong, booming voice stopped me as I reached into the crib. I looked up to see a policeman standing at the door of my Emily's nursery.

"Help Her!" I cried. "Get that spider off my baby!"

"Yes, mam, I'll help your baby. Don't you worry. That's why I'm here to help your baby."

I looked at the policeman. He was looking at me intently. Both of his hands toward me, palms down, talking calmly and evenly.

"It's ok, Emily" I said. "The nice policeman will help you." I looked back at her crib. The spider was gone again.

It was just Emily, in her crib, in a crumpled ball...

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