Thursday, November 11, 2010

People of Lee Terrace: Lee from Logan

Lee and I are both from Logan, WV.

Lee Vaughn is from Logan, W.V. He was raised in a Coal Camp called Superior Bottom. He used to run to meet his grandpa when he came home from the mines. Grandpa always made sure that he left a little something in his dinner bucket for the kids. Maybe it was a snack cake or a can of "vieenies" but he always saved a treat in that metal dinner bucket.

Later the family moved to Monitor Hill. Across the creek was the drive-in theatre. Lee used to walk the tracks and lay his coat on the ground and kick back and watch the movies with his friends.

When Lee was a little boy he used to sneak over to Mrs. Mayberry's house. Mrs. Mayberry used to make corn liqueur and hide it under the house. Lee would go over at night and help himself to a gallon jug of "corn squeezin's". That is until she figured out what was going on and found another hiding place.

Lee graduated from the old Aracoma High School in 1962. That was the last class that graduated from Aracoma High. The next year schools were integrated and ALL the kids went to Logan High School after that.

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Franklin said...

I can remember my friends and I would sometimes try to watch the movies from the train tracks next to Monitor Drive-In also but we never stayed long because we couldn’t hear the movie.