Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Excitement in Church Sunday

Actually it was before church. I don't go to church but I do go in sometimes and eat the food that the church provides. Usually if I do this I make some sort of dessert for them. I also do the monthly newsletter for them and let the preacher know if I think someone needs his help. He feeds the people of Lee Terrace a hot meal every Sunday (no church attendance required)and I know he buys people food when they need it. Also he shows a movie every Friday night with free popcorn and pop.

One of the residents came in to eat. I was serving him because he is in a motorized wheelchair. Just when I set his bowl of chili down he moved to position himself comfortably. He accidentally hit the switch to move it forward and rammed the chair into the table. This caused the table to ram into the table next to it and the table after that as well. The tables moved at least 3 feet before he was able to stop the chair.

I thought it was hilarious as 2 of the little old ladies watched their bowls of chili walk away from them. They started to cackle furiously as I started to laugh. The poor, little man was extremely embarrassed but fortunately none of the chili spilled so there was no harm done. Everybody just had to move their chairs over a couple of feet and resume eating.

It reminded me of the time I took my dad to eat at Shoney's restaurant. He was in a wheelchair. Along came a man in a motorized wheelchair and he accidentally ran into my dad's chair. Then when he tried to back away it caused my dad's chair to jar him again. Then the man started hitting the switch and he and daddy looked like they were riding 2 bucking broncos right in the middle of the Shoney's dinner rush.

Daddy didn't know what was happening to him, he was just kind of flopping around and people around our table were politely trying not to watch the show but it was hard to take your eyes off it. Finally I had to jump up, yelling for the man to stop. Then I disengaged the two chairs and the man apologized profusely but I assured him no apologies were necessary.

Daddy found the whole thing hilarious after the bucking stopped. He could appreciate the humor of being one of the people around him watching the two wheelchairs wildly gyrating around our dinner table.

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