Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am blessed

I have a nice warm apartment that I don't have to worry about losing and I am in the process of putting up my Christmas decorations.

4 years ago when I got sick I became homeless on Thanksgiving day. I lost most of my belongings when that happened.

I moved into a room in a little old ladies house but one morning she came in my room and saw me on my c-pap machine. It scared her so bad that she told me I would have to move. She did give me time to find another room to rent.

I rented a room off of a man who ended up stealing food off of me. When I protested he let another tennant threaten me and I had to move out immediately. I lost a lot more of my stuff. I ended up sleeping in my truck when it was 24 degrees outside one night and somebody stole my c-pap machine out of it. I guess they thought they were getting something valuable.

My friend Kathy was so distressed by my situation that she talked her brother, Roger, into taking me in. I lived with him for 3 months until I found a suitable place. He wouldn't let me pay rent but I did help him with utilities and bought him groceries and gave him rides when he would let me. He liked to party and smoke but the night I moved in complete with my oxygen machine he made his friends smoke outside even though I was a complete stranger.

Roger saved my life.

I lived at another woman's house until I found a tiny apartment that the landlady dropped the rent so I could live there. I was still in danger of losing it because I couldn't afford my truck and the apartment. I couldn't loose my truck because I can't walk a block. I call my red ranger my glorified wheelchair!

Finally I applied for housing assistance. I didn't want to do it because it means I had given up trying to make it on my own but I was killing myself. I couldn't work enough to support myself.

Now I am safe and warm and I am in no danger of losing my apartment. I work enough to get out of the house and maintain my dignity.

I am blessed.

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