Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Night I Went to a Living Nativity

It was excellent. They had everything from a waving Angel to greet us to a recreation of the village of Bethlehem. There was a petting zoo (it was much too cold to get out of the truck) and of course Mary and Joseph in a stable with wisemen and shepherds.

Unfortunately it turns out that the village of Bethlehem was heated by many bonfires back when Christ was born. It took a matter of seconds (even with the truck windows up) for me to realize that I needed to get on my oxygen. Unfortunately my O2 tank was empty. I had run out coming home from work the night before and since it was Sunday I couldn't get another tank until Monday.

I was in such bad shape when Eddie and I got home that I had to get on my breathing machines. This meant that I had to miss the little carolers that had come to our building from the grade school next door.

In spite of all the problems I was truely impressed with the living nativity and I plan to go back (better prepared) next year.

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