Friday, December 31, 2010

today's fortune cookie

Today I opened a fortune cookie. It said, "take a trip to a local beach, you deserve it". I had been thinking about going to the little Daniel Boone Park down the road and watching the river. River watching is highly relaxing - I recommend it.

I thought, "this must be a sign." So, I took off to the park. I watched the river a little bit. Nothing special happened. So much for "signs".

Then I went to the Shoney's Seafood Buffet. I had been given a free dinner by one of my customers as a present. I loaded up on oysters - I LOVE OYSTERS! I didn't eat myself into a coma which is an improvement. It was a good day.

I rested all day. I think I'll do the same thing tomorrow - minus the buffet though.

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