Friday, January 14, 2011

My Mom's Favorite Stories About Me

I used to love commercials when I was a kid. I would memorize every song and I would actually leave the room when the regular shows came on only to return for the next round of commercials.

One day my mom took me to the store. I was a toddler. After letting me pick out my toy (which was invariably a book - I had my own rocking chair and magazine rack) we went to the front counter to check out.

Out of nowhere I started pointing to the cooler and saying, "buy me a Fall City Beer, Mommy. Buy me a Fall City Beer." She says I was pointing right at the cans of Fall City Beer so it was obvious that I knew what I was asking for. She, of course, fully denied even drinking the stuff and she had to leave the store as the clerk and the other customers knowingly looked at each other as if to say, "yeah, sure, she doesn't drink beer.".

I guess I should add that to my knowledge my parents didn't drink at all except for the parties they threw for special occasions. My mom was actually furious with me a couple of years ago when I mentioned that she used to get drunk at these parties. She says she NEVER drank even though ALL my aunts and uncles and various other invited guests were there getting sloshed. I did ask my dad and some of my aunts and uncles about it. They confirmed that even though they were drinking like fish, my mom never did drink.

She also likes to tell the story about the time I latched onto the little red wagon hanging from the ceiling when I was a toddler. Apparently I hung there kicking and screaming and they couldn't pull me loose. They bought me the wagon.

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