Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I made this collage for my mom a few years ago.

(top left)my Granny Farley and Mary Ann standing with my cousins, Toni, Little Man and Bunky in front of my cousin's house.

(2nd. top) Mommy beside of her house plant. She loved that plant. (plastic) She gave it to me when I left home.

(3rd. top) Mommy beside of car the time we went swimming with my cousins in Gilbert.

(4th. top) My Aunt Edna and Mommy on the front porch of Edna's house. That is Toni holding the puppy on the stairs.

(bottom left) Beautiful Housewife Pose

(bottom middle) All of us kids playing. I don't know whose adult bottom that is?

(bottom right) Picnic in Gilbert. Edna and Mommy. I am sure my dad or Don took that picture to embarrass them. They are fixing sandwiches for us out of the trunk.

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