Monday, February 14, 2011

We Were EXPERT Bartenders

When we were kids our kitchen had a snack bar in the center of the kitchen. This snack bar curved around 3 sides of the "island". "The Island" is how my mom referred to the stove. She would cook our meals and we would be perched in our spots around the snack bar.

My brother's spot was at one end and my spot was at the opposite end. My little sister, Rhonda, sat beside my brother. There was a no man's land between my sister and I which was otherwise known as my dad's spot.

We used to love to pass the salt, pass the jelly or pass anything else that needed passing - just like a bartender in a saloon. We had so much fun passing things that we slid things on the bar for no reason what so ever. We got so good at passing stuff that we could even curve stuff around my sister's plate without ever spilling a drop from the glass we were passing or hitting her plate. This intricate pass manuver was known as "putting the English on it".

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