Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Every 5 Years

Here is what I was doing at 5 year intervals in my life.

2011 - trying to get better ( and making progress with my heart) June 21, 2006 is the five year anniversary of my heart failure and I have beat the odds if I make it to that day.

2006 - I was working as night manager at Travel Centers of America in Winfield, WV. I was also working parttime at Fruth and parttime in a puppy mill. ( I found homes for around 20 maltese and yorkies and convinced the woman to give away 30 or 40 more to adoption groups around the country.

I was living on 35 acres out on route 35. I traded in my dad's van for my little red ranger because the gas was eating me up. I was falling asleep on my feet (literally, I would go to sleep when I was actually walking)

2001 - Working at Fruth. Staying at Sis's being her pool girl. I think that's the year I didn't have money to make my car legal so I peeled off the sticker and painted it red. When I got caught driving with it I had to work at the dump to pay off my fine. Sis came and helped me on the last day so my time would be cut in half and I helped to clean her pool as payment.

1996 - Working at Tri State Greyhound Park in Raines Kennel. I briefly trained for ZEZ Kennel.

1991 - Working at Palm Beach Kennel Club trying to make a name for myself - I did.

1986 - Working for my Dad in Gallipolis, Oh. and then Logan WV.

1981 - Got in trouble for robbing Star Market after my dad kicked me out of the house.

1976 - 8th grade - They moved me into 8-1 (the smart kids) after placing me in 7-4 which was the smartest of the dumb kids. I ended up in 9-3 (dumbest of the smart kids). Those numbers signify the grades we were in and the group they put us in in that grade. There were 7 groups in each grade.

I started playing softball - I think

1971 - 3rd. Grade - Mrs. Mays. She had us secretly donate 2 cents per week and every Friday afternoon we would have a candy party during art class. She was also my piano teacher. That was the year I found out there was no Santa Claus

1966 - 4 years old. I think I can remember living in a garage apartment on the East End of Logan. I think I can remember my dad washing a car in the creek and I accidentally let my toy broom float away.

1961 - I was conceived on Halloween

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