Thursday, May 5, 2011

I finally got those new glasses

Actually I got 2 pair. They cost just shy of $200.00 which is a great deal. I tried to get by with one pair but the optician told me one pair would be $145.00 so I figured "what the hell, I might as well get the deal."

They advertize 2 pair for $138.00 but I have to have progressive lenses which cost more. I could have got by for $168.00 but for $25.00 more they tinted and added a year lens guarantee. Basically I got a pair of prescription sunglasses for $55.00!

I have 30 days to go back and add the $25.00 scratch guarantee to the other pair and I will do that next month. I am rough on glasses so it will be worth it.

If I were rich I would be like Elton John and have a pair of glasses to match every outfit!

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