Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Deed Alerts for June

Yesterday, while at the doctor's office, it took even longer than usual. I already know to feed the meter the maximum 4 hours before I go in for my 5 minute appointment with this doctor. Unfortunately when I went to feed said meter I only had enough change for an hour and 37 minutes. I said a little prayer and went on to his office.

He didn't even show up for work until I had been there for an hour. I realized that my meter was almost run out and I asked a lady for change for a dollar bill. She didn't have it but she gave me a quarter. Another lady gave me 75 cents and refused my dollar, so I made my way back and fed the dollar into the meter - the time had expired but fortunately the ever vigilant parking patrol had not made it by yet. So I made it back outside with time to spare and whomever was next got some free parking out of the deal.

hehe - here's funny damnpamn story.

When I sat down in the doctor's office, I sat beside a fan that someone had turned in my direction. I didn't mind it, in fact I enjoyed it. One old man looked at me and told me that if I was getting too much air that I could turn the fan his way. I told him I wasn't but I would be happy to turn the fan to him and I promptly did so. He smiled and told me again that he didn't want me to catch my death of cold from all that air...

I couldn't resist. I told him I enjoyed a good fan - I was at the age "you know" .


Another good deed alert: Fruth continues to give me food to give out. Yesterday they even shipped some candy and cookies from another store for me to give out in the building.

I bought chinese for my friend, Lynnie, in the pharmacy today. In the past 2 months she has saved me $600.00 on one of my meds for the year. I don't take it everyday but when they can get generic (rarely) the pills cost me $2.50 for 90 of them. When I have to buy brand they cost $100.00 for 30 pills.

On the rare occasions that the generic comes in and she sees it she will go ahead and fill it for me and tell me later that there is a surprise waiting for me in the pharmacy. Also she has personally bought my meds for me more than once and will not let me pay her back. The only thing she will let me do to repay her is to throw a dollar in our lottery pool for her if she isn't at work.

A few weeks ago Fruth gave me 33 dozen eggs to give out. I gave them to the pastor who feeds everyone a hot meal on Sunday and who buys food for anyone who asks him. His church also runs a food pantry and an afterschool feeding program for kids on the west side of Charleston - an area in great need of such a service.

I drove the eggs to his church and he told me to wait while he took them in. He came back to thank me and he threw $10 in my truck window for gas when I refused to take gas money from him. He then walked away so I had no choice but to keep it. So I put $7 worth of gas in the truck and I gave Tommy at Fruth $3 because he always loads my freebies in the truck for me and it is NOT part of his job.

Good Deed Gone Bad: Sometimes I do little neighborly things for the 80 year old lady next door. In turn she gives me her paper everyday. The drunk down the hallway keeps taking it. I tried giving it to him when I was finished with it but sometimes I take a few days to read the paper, so it wasn't good enough for him. He started to take it and read it and bring it right back. I didn't say anything. Then he started to take it and keep it for a few days. I told him to leave it alone.

He continued to take the paper. I went to the building manager and he said he couldn't do anything (even though this is on camera every day). He told me to call the police - so I did. I called a non911 community dispute number and made it plain that it wasn't an emergency and I didn't even expect them to send anyone right over, but they did. The policewoman talked with me and then with him. She came back and told me he had promised to leave the paper alone but since I wasn't actually the one purchasing the paper then he had every right to pick up trash in the hallway. She said the little, old Lady on oxygen and a cane would have to go to the trouble to handing me the paper if she wanted me to have it.

So I told the little, old lady not to give me her paper anymore. I didn't want to put her to the trouble or have the headache of someone taking my property and I sure wasn't going to hassle anyone over something so silly anymore.

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