Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's a Man in my House (repost for a friend)

A few years ago when I was taking care of my dad we were asleep in our bedrooms and I kept hearing little noises. I just shrugged them off attributing them to the construction on the bridge next door. All of a sudden daddy's little Yorkie, Katie, went nuts barking. Still in my sleep I'm thinking, "Katie's barking. Katie only barks when somebody is walking around. Daddy can't walk. DADDY CAN'T WALK!"

At this point I jumped up and I ran through the house toward Daddy's room. There was a strange man coming toward me in the living room! I stopped for a second and I screamed at him, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!" I ran for the phone as he is ran for the back door. We collided! When we ran into each other I hit him as hard as I could with both fists! (my first thought then was "FUCK! Now he is going to have to kill me!") But he twisted around like a football player and continued to the back door. I was struck by the absolutely blank look in his eyes. (drugs)

I ran for the phone and I tried to call 911. I couldn't get the phone to work! After several tries I ran to my neighbor's house and started banging on her door. I could see the guy running away the whole time I was trying to wake her up. Then I realized it's 4am! She isn't going to answer the door if she doesn't know who it is. So I start yelling, "It's Pam! It's Pam.! Call 911!" She opened the door then and she was already on the phone to 911 (she works in the prosecutor's office and she knows all the policemen.) I was describing the guy to her and she was describing him to the operator when several police cars pulled up from everywhere!

I asked them if they saw him, because I knew they had to drive past him to get to my house. When I described him to the policeman, he said he DID see him but the dispatcher gave him the wrong description so he continued on to my house! He took off and tried to find him again. He didn't.

I saw the guy 2 days later walking around my house again and this time he was with a friend. HE WAS STILL WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES! I called the police again and they refused to come out saying it wasn't a crime for somebody to be walking around my house. They told me that I would have to get hold of the detective on the case. Of course, it was the weekend and he wasn't available. (@#*^/`#@`)

The guy was zonked out on something. He had a blank, blackhole look in his eyes when I ran into him. There was nothing there. His eyes were just fixed. The policeman asked what I thought he might have been after and I took him to my dad's drug cabinet. I started pulling out bottle after bottle saying, "this, this, this, this." He got the idea immediately. He asked how they would know my dad was on medicine. Well my dad loved to sit on the porch in his wheelchair and talk and smoke with whomever passed by. It was obvious to anyone who saw him that he was seriously ill and it wouldn't take a genious to deduce that he was on some strong meds.

That was a night that I would prefer to forget but I probably never will.

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