Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Have Good News and I Have Bad News

Today I did something I have been wanting to do for the past three years but I haven't been able to do it. That's the good news.

Now I am drained and I feel terrible. That is the bad news.

The good news is that it was worth it and more good news is that I will be fine tomorrow.

That is 3 good news to 1 bad news - so the good news wins!

Here is what I did.

I went to a football game at a local college. Every year a local store sponsors a free football day. You get in free and there are giveaways at halftime - this year they gave away a thousand dollars! I have had tickets for the past three years and didn't go. The first year a friend backed out at the last minute so I didn't go. The second year I felt so bad I didn't leave the house.

Last year I drove over there and the crowd was so large that I would have had to park at least a 1/2 mile away and there was no way I could walk that far. I went over today. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect. The crowd was small. I found a handicapped parking space right in front of the stadium which meant I had to walk about a block to the stands which is pretty much my maximum walking distance right now.

I mosied inside the stadium and I was happy to see a concession stand which was selling can pop for a $1 on the way. So I bought a Pepsi (my fave) and found a seat right in the beginning of the stands. I sat back to enjoy a day of football and hopefully win some free groceries or whatever. Unfortunately the home team got trounced. I didn't win anything either.

I was going to stay until the end of the game but I started to notice some warning signs that I should probably get out of the heat at the beginning of the third quarter. I wanted to stay so I watched the visitors score yet another touchdown and the home team lose posession after only about a minute or so - again.

I decided it was time to leave. I stood up and I got dizzy and wobbly. I picked my time well. I took my time getting to my car and I collapsed when I got home. I am starting to feel better. I'll be "A OK" tomorrow.

At least I did it this year. Who knows, maybe next year I can stay for the whole game. It's a goal.

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