Thursday, September 15, 2011

They Saw a Need and They Filled It: good deed alert

Everybody who reads my blog knows I am always giving away food or clothes or something in my building. My great aunt and uncle Patty and Gurl have taken to calling me about once a month or so and I go over and they give me a bunch of clothes and/or other assorted items to give away.

The stuff is either theirs that they don't want anymore or a friend or family member of their's who is trying to get rid of stuff. It is always nice stuff and it generally gets picked up as soon as I put it out. (We have a community room and everybody knows that stuff left in there is for anybody that needs it)

They have single handedly clothed a substantial portion of low income disabled and elderly people in our building.

Kudos to them!

They also usually clean out their freezer and refrigerator and send me back with stuff that I give to people that I know need it as well. Aunt Patty is a wonderful cook and they tell me to make sure that I help myself to whatever I want as well. And I do.

A good example of two people making a difference and it doesn't cost them a penny to do it.

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