Saturday, September 17, 2011

Torturing Bobo

When I was a kid my best friends name was Sherri. She lived next door and we played together all the time. She had a chihuahua named Bobo. We used to climb in her bed and I would pretend like I was hitting her. She would holler and yell for help and I would smack the bed next to her.

Bobo would go crazy. He would jump as high in the air as he could and bark and growl and go crazy. The problem was that poor Bobo could not jump on the bed. He wasn't big enough. So he couldn't protect Sherri no matter how badly he wanted to. It was hilarious.

It wouldn't have been hilarious though if he had managed to jump on that bed. That chihuahua would have eaten me alive if he could. Sometimes she would have to hold him so I could get off the bed just to go home.

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