Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Cut Him (on purpose)

When I was in beauty school I had a man come in for a haircut and a little more!

They had warned us about men like him but I had been fortunate that I had never had one until this one. Some men will deliberately try to feel you up from under the hair cutting cape because they think no one can see their hand move or they do what this man did to me. He kept leaning his head back into my breasts and trying to rub back and forth. Now why he chose me I'll never know because I am notoriously flat chested. Anyway...

He had leaned his head back into my chest for the third or fourth time. Each time I had pushed his head forward and continued with the haircut but I was fast becoming fed up with his behaviour. I had finished the haircut except for shaving the back of his neck (with a straight razor).

I pushed his head forward and I was in the process of starting to cut with the razor when he chose this particular time to lean his head back once again...at the same time the door next to my station was slammed shut by a passing breeze...at the same time I was startled and unfortunately the razor slipped! I apologized profusely of course, explaining that the door slamming had caused me to accidentally cut his neck and he needed to keep his head forward so that he would not be cut again.

I hope he learned his lesson. If he didn't, he still never requested me for a haircut again.

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