Saturday, October 8, 2011

Have You Ever Been at the Wrong End of the Food Chain?

Have you ever been at the wrong end of the food chain? I have. I had just moved into a house in the country and I was leaving for work. It was early in the morning and it was pitch black outside. I had a flashlight so I could see to walk to my car.
When I was about halfway to the car (it was about 50 feet from the house across a ditch line) I heard a scream. It was a bloodcurdling scream like nothing you have ever heard in your life! At that exact moment several things happened instantaneously:

1. The flashlight went out (of course)

2. I felt my spine turn to ice (just like you would read about in any scary novel!)

3. My only thought was "I hope that was a deer". The thought was shriveling in my mind even as I thought it but I was trying to comfort myself.

4. I froze in my tracks. (I guess when your spine freezes this is a natural reaction)

The only thing it could have been was a wildcat and it was close. It sounded like it was at the end of the field which was only about 30 yards away. I don't really know how to describe that scream, I just knew that whatever was there was letting me know that it knew I was there and I was breakfast.

I knew I couldn't just stand there and I debated(quickly) whether to go back to the house or the car. I went for the car. I forced myself to slowly walk to the car.

Just when I got there I heard the scream again and it was closer. I tried to put the key in the lock but I couldn't find the hole my hand was shaking so bad. (just like in a scary movie when you make fun of people who aren't able to open the lock!). After what seemed like an eternity I got the door open and dove in and closed the door behind me.


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