Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

1. No Christmas Bonus for me this year. They did away with them for part time employees. No notice whatsoever! SUCKS!

2. I did get a coupon for $12 to buy a turkey. The cheapest one is $18.

3. I bought a very large chicken. First time ever I won't have a turkey.

4. I could drive to my mom's house but her house is the most depressing place in the world for holidays. She hates holidays and she won't let anybody help her. So I visited her last week. I'll go see her again in a couple of weeks and call her on the actual holidays.

5. I am warm and happy and safe.

6. I am aggravated.

7. Should I keep Blockbuster or go back to Netflix?

8. Eddie and I renewed our friendship. We are aggravated with each other all ready. WE BOTH NEED SPACE.

9. I'm going to work a few extra hours tomorrow. I am broke because I didn't do it earlier in the month but I couldn't because I thought I was going to get a BIG BONUS!!!!


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