Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will I Win?

Every week there are about 100 entry forms in our buildings lobby to win a truck at the local Tudor's Restaurant. They throw them away.

I have decided to enter all of them!!!

I fill out a few everyday and when I am out running errands and I pass by a Tudors I go inside and enter the contest. So far I have entered at 3 different restaurants. I am entering at different restaurants because they also give out a $100 gift certificate at each restaurant.

So, not only am I going to win a shiney red Ranger but I am also going to win several $100 gift ceritificates! I might as well dream big if I'm going to dream.

I guess I should add that I tried to win last year but on a much smaller scale.

I should also add that I am usually pretty lucky at these kinds of drawings. I have won a months worth of free gas and $100 twice and 3 bags of groceries once before. Hopefully I haven't used up all my luck.

I am due.

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