Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011 in Review

It was much the same as my 2010. I seem to have settled into a routine and I am completely thrown off kilter when it is disrupted. That is certainly new for me. I never had a routine in my life until I got sick. Of course, that's probably why I got sick in the first place. I was always too busy to have a routine. There were never enough hours in the day. Now I spend my days looking for ways to spend the time. It gets old, but I do my best.

I did have one noteworthy episode with my heart back in September, I think. It took me months to get back to my normal. Now it is time once again to try to improve my endurance. We'll see what happens.

I finally got that computer. I think it will save me a fortune in gas as I won't be going to the library as much. Also I won't be paying netflix or blockbuster so there's a few more bucks in my pocket.

The federal government has seen fit to raise social security this year. I'll be getting $32 more a month. There was no increase for the past two years. Personally I think they should just freeze it at current levels. Of course I always need more money but when I went on disability that was a given. I am still better off with it. In fact, I am alive because of it.

My friendship with Eddie has certainly been a rollercoaster. I put up with it for several reasons.

1. I am hard to get along with.

2. I am sick and really can't pursue friendships. We both know in a different reality we probably wouldn't even be friends but things are what they are so we continue to hang out.

3. The emotional ups and downs are kind of fun. I spent a few years spending all my time trying to get better so I was shut down emotionally. I just didn't have the energy for feelings.

4. He is fun and he really does do alot for me.

I had another story published in the Charleston Gazette for Christmas. Now that I have a computer maybe I can do something with my stories to make money. I know people do but I have yet to figure out how in the world they do it.

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