Monday, March 26, 2012

I Was the World's Worst Waitress

One time I worked at Pizza Hut. It was a gawd awful job that I absolutely hated. I am not good at taking orders and apparently I am even worse at filling them. One day I was walking a tray full of drinks to a table. As I passed by a man at the salad bar, all of the sudden my tray tipped over and spilled all down his back. Of course I apologized profusely (sincerely too - I must add) He was amazingly nice about the whole thing.

As I went about serving my customers in my most incompetent way, he finished his dinner. (he was not one of my customers) On his way out the door he stopped me and gave me a $2 tip (big tip back in the eighties at a Pizza Hut in WV). When I objected, first because of what had happened and second because he wasn't even my customer. He kindly patted my arm and said, "Honey, take it. You're going to need it." Then he smiled and left the store.

I can top that if I need to but I like that story. That nice man deserves to be recognized.

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