Friday, March 30, 2012

Nice Things My Mom Has Done for Me This Year

1. I had a wonderful birthday. She bought me all my favorite foods from all my favorite hometown restaurants.

2. She donated 3 HUGE ferns to me and our building last winter

3. She bought me this laptop with her Christmas gift to me.

4. She OFFERED to come to my house for my colonoscopy. I declined.

5. She told me she loved me everytime I talk to her on the phone, even though I don't seem to be able to respond. I don't understand why she does it because she never did it before. That sounds like it's my problem...not hers.

6. She puts smileys at the bottom of my cards

7. She returns my calls

8. She wants to give me one of her stray cats but can't seem to manage to catch one even though she bought a live animal trap. (I wish she would let me help with that one but she won't)

9. She bought me my fall wardrobe collection with my birthday present. It also paid for a trip to the dentist.

10. several nice visits since I don't make it to Logan much anymore because of the price of gas.

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